She was the beautiful dreamer

float dream

She was the beautiful dreamer

and he, an unscrupulous schemer

he caught her in his web of deceit

thinking what a fabulous treat, one so rare


how long could he keep her here

but she could see through him like no one could

he hated how much she understood


for with her the truth he couldn’t hide

it was too much of a wound

to his pride

if he was truly seen by one so wise

he could not keep up his cruel disguise

he had misjudged her power

she was not such the delicate flower

her fire ran deep and wild

and in it he became the helpless child


he ran for fear

of being consumed by her flames

No, he realised he could not play with her

it would be an end to his games


a poem on narcissism.

©Anne Keenan 2017

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