I wish someone had sat me down when I was younger and given me some wise words and advice that I could draw upon now in times when situations make me think…”WTF is going on”. It is a risky business navigating through the online dating world.  I have been a bit unlucky, you know when you put on a lovely, white, new sweater and immediately spill something red on it?  (tomato sauce and red wine my particular go to’s for red stains) That is how its been for me…me with my shiny, bright, hopeful heart and then a guy comes along and spills his emotional ‘stains’ on it.  It then takes me a while to scrub out the stain but you know that lovely heart is never going to be quite the same again. And that has happened more than once, so many times that the thought is creaping in again….

So here I am, same thing happened and I am thinking WTF??  Is it me or is the nature of dating these days, particularly online dating.  I mean its a bit of a misnomer, how can you actually date online, don’t you really need to be in someone’s presence to date them? You’d think so…

Unless you want to live in some fantasy world where you make shit up in your head about the person you are ‘chatting’ to and never meet them in the real world.  Wouldn’t meeting them burst that beautiful, illusionary relationship you have with them in your head?

You betcha!! People are real, they have feelings, ups and downs, warts and all and nobody, absolutely nobody is perfect or has their shit completely sorted or really knows exactly how their life is going to go.  Which is why it beats me how callously we treat other people’s hearts.  Would you like it if after a date with someone they just disappeared?  Would you be happy to know that the person you liked and had started dating was in fact ‘entertaining’ lots of others and none of them knew it?  Believe me I have heard all the excuses that I am actually thinking, ‘shite can’t they be at least a bit more creative in the excuses?’ Everyone can feel an excuse, no matter what way you want to dress it up, lets not fool ourselves that we can’t.

So in this risky business of love and dating, my conclusion so far is there is no place for a hear like mine. I can’t seem to scrub the last stain out…




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