Month: May 2017

Survive? no! I wish to Thrive

I don't wish to just survive this life, but to thrive.  So many of us go from day to day just 'getting by' but where is the joy in that? Yet I have been privileged to have been born in a time and place where I don't need to think about just surviving. There are ...

Force of Love

Love is a force Unforced it cannot be biden

Heritage – weekly photo challenge

For me this is my heritage.  I am from Ireland and I grew up with religion and faith being a big part of my life. Just like alot of Irish people, whether they like it or not, whether they believe or not. This picture was taken in a place called Gougane Barra in the beautiful County ...

On the verge

So there she stood on that beach and the overwhelming feeling that began to rise and crash over her like a wave crashing to the shore.