Survive? no! I wish to Thrive


I don’t wish to just survive this life, but to thrive.  So many of us go from day to day just ‘getting by’ but where is the joy in that?

Yet I have been privileged to have been born in a time and place where I don’t need to think about just surviving. There are many who are less fortunate, all they have to do on a daily basis is try to keep alive.  And that to me makes me very sad.  Its not the way we were meant to live but those in power wish to keep the poor, poor and the wealthy’s pockets lined forever with gold. Something that I have come to realise I am very passionate about is a sense of justice and fairness, for everyone to be treated with respect and to be able to retain their human dignity.  Time and time again I am reminded that this is not the world we live in, that it is not a fair and just place and many who commit such horrible atrocities against their fellow humans appear to ‘get away with it’ with little remorse or consequence.

Is there justice in the Universe?

Is the Universe a place where balance has to be restored eventually, one way or the other?  I’ve asked myself this many times in the face of personal injustices and society’s injustices.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.  

Maya Angelou

So how do we as individuals and as a society thrive and not just survive?  Well we all have basic needs for clean water, air, food, shelter and the most basic of needs that I feel trumps all others is love.  I mean the love that is communicated through touch, through bonding with another human, through connection, a giving and forgiving love that does not have an agenda nor asks for anything in return.  This is what makes us all thrive and what I believe is what we are collectively and individually seeking, wanting and needing. Learning through the love another shows for us, and shows by how they treat others around us helps us learn how to love ourselves.  Without this love for ourselves then how do we expect to love those we share this earth with, both human, animal and plant. This I believe was the message we were brought by so many prophets and the tenants that spiritual teachings were built on.

Colorful autumn landscape with trees and orange leaves. MountainWhy do we continue to ignore the message?

We fail to listen to the callings of our souls asking us to come back into love with ourselves and with all life.  We try to turn away from this nagging voice within by using our distraction of choice so we don’t have to face the truth, take the responsibility for our souls and do the work it requires of us. That’s not easy of course, but that which we have to work for we value more.

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