©Anne Keenan

  1. Nice photos! Are these taken with the Hipstamatic app?



    1. Thanks James. No just taken on iPhone first & then post processing with snapseed app. My fav iphone photo app as a photographer.

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      1. I have Snapseed as well. The developers have vastly improved the app’s features. It is a very good app, though I seldom use its camera feature, but post-processing, yes when I need to. The frame on your photos is redolent of the Hipstamatic app, and that’s why I asked. I like the trees in the mist best!


      2. Thanks Janes for liking my photos.
        Yes snapseed has got some really nice features for a photo app. Meant to say that these pics have minimal processing, a vignette & frame & thats all. The lighting in my photos is something I am drawn to to take the photo in the first place. Yes that mist is actual fog coming in over the forest. I love how fog softens things.

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      3. Yes, very good capture. Hauntingly pleasing to the eyes (at least mine) 🙂

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