Heritage – weekly photo challenge

For me this is my heritage.  I am from Ireland and I grew up with religion and faith being a big part of my life. Just like alot of Irish people, whether they like it or not, whether they believe or not.

This picture was taken in a place called Gougane Barra in the beautiful County Cork.  We have many ancient sites in Ireland and many that are part of the history of religion and faith in Ireland.  There is something about our landscape that inspires devotion and this place in Cork is particularly inspiring. It is no wonder Saint Finbarr chose to situate a monastery here.  It is remote, even in modern day terms and it is a stunning landscape and a place where you may be inspired to contemplate God, your spirit and faith.  I truly love my home country for the land, the landscape and the spiritual aspect to my life that it has so inspired.  It is truly in the landscape of Ireland that I feel connected to a higher power and to all those who came before me here, who also connected to their spirit.


  1. […] Heritage – weekly photo challenge – whowokemeup […]

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  2. […] Heritage – weekly photo challenge – whowokemeup […]

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  3. The photograph is of the ruins of the ancient monastic site of the 18th Century .



  4. Love the stonework, you can almost feel the history that its steeped in. My gt grandmother was from County Cork, but I don’t know much about it.



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