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I wish someone had sat me down when I was younger and given me some wise words and advice that I could draw upon now in times when situations make me think..."WTF is going on". It is a risky business navigating through the online dating world.  I have been a bit unlucky, you know when ...

She was the beautiful dreamer

She was the beautiful dreamer and he, an unscrupulous schemer he caught her in his web of deceit thinking what a fabulous treat, one so rare   how long could he keep her here but she could see through him like no one could he hated how much she understood   for with her the ...

Force of Love

Love is a force Unforced it cannot be biden

Swimming in the sea of life

The sun is quickly fading and I will be here alone in the darkness, trying to stay afloat. Wouldn't it be easier to just surrender, go under and fade out?